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For anyone who has watched the Harry Potter film series, it is most likely that you have noticed this young actress as she has played the role of the Hermione Granger. The actress has played this role since she was only nine years of age and is perhaps a role that helped put her on the world stage after having featured in many simple plays from the tender ages of six.

From The Time of Birth and Her Childhood

Emma Watson was born on the 16th of April 1990 to two British layers in the name of Jacqueline and Chris Watson. It is important to also note that she was not born in England but in France while the two lawyers were living and working in Paris. This gave her an opportunity to live in the French capital during the early years of her life.

She was however forced to move back into Britain following the separation of the two parents when the mother moved with her into England and settled in Oxford shire where she and her younger brother attended school. It is also while in Oxford shire that she started showing potential in the acting career by featuring in simple plays at school.

Emma Watson’s Schooling and Acting Career

From the tender age of five and six, the young actress had already shown potential and her parents enrolled her into the oxford branch of the stage coach theater arts school where she started developing her skills for the bigger stage. After enrolling in Theater School, she proceeded to study dancing, singing and even acting.

By the time she struck the age of ten, she had already featured in numerous productions organized by the stage coach theater school thereby making an obvious statement to the fact that she was absolutely capable of making it big in the film industry. It is perhaps these simple roles that must have made her easily noticeable to the extent of being offered leading roles in major plays.

With such an illustrious career that springs all the way back to the early childhood days, it is significant to acknowledge that Emma Watson as an actress has made some considerable amount of money from the career that she started as a young girl in the early days of school life.

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