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Born in 1974, Kate Moss has become one of the most famous British models since Twiggy. She has been extensively used in the advertising of many famous brands such as Dior, Burberry and Rimmel. Her waifish looks have led to her being accused of glamourising the ‘heroin’ chic look of the nineties and her romantic involvement with rock stars such as Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty, himself a well known heroin user, have perhaps not helped her cause. Despite this, she has been a hugely successful model in an industry not known for its career longevity.

Kate Moss’s modelling career started early at the tender age of 14, when she was spotted at an airport by a modelling agency scout. Her early career largely consisted of uninteresting photo shoots for teen magazines and her big breakthrough came when her photograph appeared on the front cover of the influential style magazine, ‘The Face’. This single shot launched a career which is still flowing today.

Her friendships and relationships with celebrities and musicians have ensured that she has remained in the public eye, even as she gets older. Whether this was a deliberate marketing move is open to question, but there is little doubt that it did nothing but good for her career.

In 1998 however, this lifestyle appeared to have taken its toll as she checked into a rehab facility. It was, she claimed at the time, due to exhaustion, and in a press release, she announced her retirement from modelling. Two months later however, she came out of ‘retirement’ and broke her own rule by cutting her hair very short, something that she swore that she would never do. This new and edgy look certainly proved a big hit, and she found herself inundated with offers from major fashion houses, finally settling on working for Gucci.

Whilst dating Pete Doherty of the band, Babyshambles, a photograph of her allegedly using cocaine appeared in the British tabloids. This caused several modelling contracts to be cancelled and once again she entered rehab. It looked, at this point, as though her modelling career was finally over.

Burberry, however, had other ideas and soon afterwards she was re-instated as the face of Burberry, in what proved to be a popular and successful campaign. Despite all the trials and tribulations, Kate won the Model of the Year in 2006.

Since then, she has focussed increasingly on her clothes designing skills, cumulating in a range of Kate Moss clothing, which became widely available through the fashion chain, Topshop.

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