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Milla Jovovich is an American actress, fashion designer, model and musician. Born on the 17th December 1975, Jovovich has shown an outstanding character in her careers. At the age of 13 years, she debuted in, 'The Night to Kathmandu,' a television film and later on, she premiered in 'Two Moon Junction,' as her first feature film.

Early Life and Family

Milla underwent through a challenging young life after moving from the Soviet Union due to political grounds. Her parents divorced just seven months after settling in Los Angeles. Milla received much criticism after joining the public schools in the United States from her fellow students who referred to her as a Russian spy and commie. Generally, Milla did not receive any acceptance from her fellow students. The rejection faced by Milla in her early life could have played a great role that contributed to her rebellious character. At the age of 12, Milla focused more on modeling and hence she had to drop out of school. In her early teens, Milla engaged in credit-card fraud, drug abuse and vandalism. She became a U.S. citizen on 1994.

Modeling Career

Milla attended her first modeling audition at the age of nine. Gene Lemuel discovered the inner talent of the young girl through test photos. Milla was booked by Lei magazine to appear on the cover magazine. This was after Lemuel introduced her to Herb Ritts. This paved way for Milla as she appeared on various cover magazines including, 'The Face, Cosmopolitan and Vogue.' Jovovich was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 'Richest Supermodel of the World' with an estimated wealth of $10.5 million in 2004.

Nomination and Awards

Jovovich was nominated for 'Young Artist Best Young Actress in 1992nstarting in a Motion Picture Awards for her exceptional role that he played in 'Return to the Blue Lagoon.' Jovovich was also nominated for her role in 'Resident devil' for the Saturn Best Actress in 2002. In 2008, Jovovich worn the Best Actress in a science/fiction film from the Scream Awards for 'Resident Evil: Extinction.' Conclusively, Jovovich has attained her dream life despite her tough childhood.

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